Friday, August 10, 2012

Boston City Hall

On September 20 I'm going to be giving a presentation at Neoscape in Boston. It's about the use of the Unreal game engine (Bioshock, Borderlands, etc...) to create interactive environments for architecture.

You would be able to load up the building, walk around and see how it feels when you experience it for the first time. Its a great tool for architects, designers, even marketing people as they get a feel for the space.

The demonstration is going to show Boston City Hall so I'm going to show the design process here.

All images are a work in progress and subject to copyright.

The grid structure determined by the floor plan.

Initial layout in 3DS Max 

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  1. Hey that is cool, sept 20th you say? hmm i might try to make that one. Would be good to see ya as well :).